2nd and 7. Champion young pigeons Prov. Valassko 2017!

Breeding pigeons here...

Grat result in South African Million Dollar Pigeon Final Race from 553 km!

6 delivered youngsters! 6 home from final race!

Youngsters "Body" won 26. prize!!!



http://teamhlavica.cz/chovni_holubi/fota/dv_11_08857111.jpg x http://teamhlavica.cz/chovni_holubi/fota/dv_08_0121719.jpg

DV 11-08857-111 C


org. SG Jung

Koopman x De Rauw Sablon

DV 08-01217-19 H




Next youngsters "Alice" won 230. prize!!!



Next our youngsters:

"Beny" 997. prize

"Twice Over" 1236. prize

"Ade" 1243. prize

"Bona" 1629. prize

On final race were basketed 2793 youngsters!

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Team Hlavica


  Martin & Rostislav Hlavica

  Valasske Prikazy 30

  756 12 Horni Lidec

  Czech Republic

  Tel.: +420 / 603207641

  E-mail: teamhlavica@seznam.cz

Valasske Prikazy

Team Hlavica it consists of two pigeon fanciers - father with son, which races in southern part highland area called Valassko.

Both fanciers have own racing team and...

...enjoy your tour through the world of Team Hlavica.


Team Hlavica