We are engaged in breeding racing pigeons since 2004.

First it was the pigeons from top breeds from Slovakia. Then come to our loft reinforcements from Germany, Holland and Belgium. Offspring of these pigeons immediately began to promote in the top racing field.

But as it's said you cannot fall asleep on laurels, so we tried to fill our breeding aviaries such as racers flies everywhere. To obtain these reinforcements, helped us friendship with a top fancier, Mr. Jung. Immediately we began to wander reinforcements from the loft Jung-Jupid and nothing other than direct descendants Koopman's pigeons, as well as direct descendants of Aladin, the largest breeding ace by Jung, and pure strain Schellens pigeons.

In 2011 we imported pigeons Rauw Sablon, line of Lucky. We believe that those pigeons, much sought in developed world, will boost our breed and we continue to represent in our sport the absolute top.